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Paula Ordovás is a fashion journalist and public relations. She was born in Madrid where she currently lives and handles the communication of a number of fashion firms. Ordovás is also the Social Media Strategist for Mercedes-Benz Madrid Fashion week and collaborates with several magazines including Vogue México and Latinoamérica, Mujer Hoy, Telva and Elle UK. She is Ambassador of luxury brands and has collaborated with big names in the world of fashion such as Dior, Bvlgari, Elie Saab, Armani, Tiffany & Co., Nike, YSL Beauty, Issey Miyake, H&M and Lancôme among others.

Awarded by Cosmopolitan Magazine Best Blogger 2015 and Acotex Best Blogger 2013, Paula inspires through her blog with her looks and shares her world and interests in fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

“Paula Ordovás, represents perfectly today’s elegance with stunning daily fashion photographs”


“She is one of the most influential bloggers in our country. She is also a journalist and PR to a number of fashion firms, a tornado who never stays still”


“Paula wears clothes with a special charm: the perfect mix of style, freshness and warmth. She is part of the new breed of fashion professionals that move like fish in water through the net and that have made it possible to turn their passion- fashion- into their career.”


“Paula focuses her passion for fashion, art and easthetics into her blog, which has became a daily inspiration, to thousands of followers every day”